Patrick for Drain Commissioner 2016

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Thank You to Supporters

Re-elect Patrick Lindemann

In campaigns for local offices like the County Drain Commissioner, there are many volunteer opportunities.   As in all of my past campaigns, I have been fortunate to have had so many people supporting my efforts to care for the water resources our county.  This election is no different.  We have many volunteers already, but the campaign can use many more. This election year, history will be made because there are two non-traditional candidates for President of the United States, adding an air of excitement unlike past elections.  You can be part of the excitement by volunteering for a campaign.  I hope your choice is to volunteer for Lindemann for Drain Commissioner.

Over the course of many campaigns, long-lasting friendships have been forged among the people who have worked together in pursuit of shared ideals.  This year’s campaign is going to be another one of those years where differences will be clear and opportunities to work with people who believe in a green future will present themselves.  Whether my campaign for Drain Commissioner involves an opponent or not, we will campaign hard, seizing this opportunity to educate voters about our wonderful water resources, and what we can do to protect and promote a higher quality of life for all the citizens of Ingham County.  This quality of life depends on having the best infrastructure available in which to grow.  Growing green means developing green.  That in turn means that by protecting the environment, we are promoting a new economy and creating jobs while preserving our natural resources for future generations.  This is our message to the voters; this will be our task.

If you wish to volunteer to work with me on this campaign you can contact me by e-mail at  There are many kinds of things that need to be done, so there should be something that fits everyone’s talents.  Oh, and did I say that working on campaigns can be a lot of fun?

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