Dear Supporter,


In campaigns for local offices like the Ingham County Drain Commissioner, the amount of personal support is critical for a victory.  As in my past campaigns, I have been fortunate to have so many people supporting my efforts to care for the water resources our county.  This election is no different. But, in this election year, history will be made because there are two nontraditional candidates for President of the United States, adding an air of excitement.

I am proud to be a part of this history making election year.


Over the course of many previous campaigns, people who have shared ideals and values have worked together to insure a victorious outcome.  This year’s campaign will be another of those years wherein differences will be clear.  Opportunities to work with people who believe in a green future will present themselves.  Whether my primary campaign for Drain Commissioner involves an opponent or not, I will seize this opportunity to educate voters about our unique water resources and how to protect and promote them for a higher quality of life for citizens of Ingham County.  This quality of life depends on having the best infrastructure available.


Part of that quality of life means growing green, and that means developing green.  That, in turn means that by protecting the environment, we are promoting a new economy and creating jobs, while preserving our natural resources for future generations.  This is our message to the voters; this will be our task.


Your support has helped to make a green future possible.  The message of this campaign is important.  My first 16 years as Drain Commissioner has overseen many advances in water resource management.  With victory this election cycle, we can make even more advances and improvements to our quality of life.


Thank you for your generous support.


                    Patrick E. Lindemann

                    Ingham County Drain Commissioner

Patrick for Drain Commissioner 2016

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